Mission & History

The Origins of Zwitsal
Mr Jansen was a Dutch pharmacy student who did his internship in Switzerland. While working in a pharmacy there, he made a balm that worked wonders on sunburn, among other things. But he saw the potential for babies. He took the recipe back to the Netherlands and began to sell his Swiss Balm in 1920.
Since then, Zwitsal has created a footprint across Europe and Indonesia. We are experts in baby care. Our range of products is trusted by mothers and recommended by health professionals.

While we will never forget our roots, we want to prove that we're a brand that understands parents today. Just as we're looking to the future, so are our mums. And we want to be with them every step of the way in the amazing journey they have ahead of them.
Zwitsal is about supporting happy baby development and creating joyful caring moments for parents. We celebrate all aspects of bringing up baby, from the life changing highs to those amusing little mishaps as every daily caring moment has the potential to become a bonding moment.

Our products aim to intensify these joyful caring moments and thereby strengthen the bond between mums and their babies.

Zwitsal's "little one" logo was inspired by Jansen's 11 month old daughter, Mieke!