Zwitsal Baby Spa consists of 4 simple steps to optimize a baby's development based on neuroscience. You can do it at home daily by yourself so as to reinforce the bond and familiarity between your baby and you.

The first eight years is the period when a child's brain cells develop and connect rapidly until 80% of the brain’s capacity. It is necessary for parents to provide their baby the proper stimuli or encouragement during these times. Sensory stimulation (feel, touch, smell, hearing, sight), related to body balance adjustment and system stimulation occur to your baby when you are giving them Zwitsal Baby Spa.This helps in developing their nervous system that will later support his or her learning process, building a foundation for the little one to develop intelligence.

Babies who are born by caesarean method need the correct stimulation because they do not use their natural reflects as normal babies do when moving their entire body out from their mother's womb during birth.

Zwitsal Baby Spa will help the little one develop their body reflects and nerve maturity, as well as brain functions so that they can be coordinated properly. In light of the importance of early stimulation to optimize the nervous system for the little one, Zwitsal encourages mothers to engage in Zwitsal Baby Spa at home daily to enrich baby daily routines.

Physical Benefits
Cleanse and nourish your baby’s skin through massages and warm touches, while stimulating the nerves. Massage improves blood circulation and metabolism, reinforcing the immune system to fend off illnesses.

Psychological Benefits
The bond between your little one and yourself strengthens as communication and interaction takes place. This releases a relaxation effect, enabling your baby to mold into a friendly and cheerful personality. Zwitsal Baby Spa also improves the quality of sleep, which influences the development of your baby’s brain.