After enjoying the fresh touches, now the little one arrives at the fourth step of Zwitsal Baby Spa which is the skin nourishing. This step helps in keeping the baby's skin healthy with the lasting distinct Zwitsal baby fragrance.

Such fragrance stimulates the sense of smell that will develop the area of emotion control by the brain. By leaving the scent on the baby's body, it stimulates the nerves and helps the brain to work perfectly in regulating the body balance and controlling emotion.

Use Zwitsal Classic Baby Lotion, which contains natural moisturizers such as Canola Oil and Jojoba Oil, which moisten and keep your baby's skin soft and smooth. The formula is gentle, easily absorbed by the skin, and has been hypo-allergenic tested.

• Apply Zwitsal Classic Baby Lotion gently on the arms, hands, and legs, then touch the back of each ear in an up-down movement. This stimulation helps to develop the sense of hearing and the ability to balance the body.

• Dress your baby in comfortable clothing, choose soft and sweat-absorbing materials.