Healthy Snack Inspiration For Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, the appetite often experience fluctuations. Sometimes you will feel hungry all the time, and at times that hunger is lost. An easy solution to this and to avoid undernourishment is snacking.

Yup! Women are allowed to snack during pregnancy. The important thing is to carefully choose nutritious snacks that fill the belly. Do not just eat chocolates, cakes, or yummy snacks that lack in nutrition. Protein-rich snacks are the right choice of food for pregnant women because proteins are the building blocks of all types of body cells which can be very helpful when you feel tired or nauseous. Meanwhile, fiber-rich snacks help to relieve constipation that often occurs to pregnant women.

The following are some inspiration for snacks that are not only healthy, but also easy to prepare:

Almond, cashew, or canary nut? Pulses are generally rich in protein. Just mix your favorite nuts with dried fruits such as apricots, raisins, or sultanas. Keep this delicious trail mix available for snacking.

Vitamins & minerals from fruits obviously have a lot of benefits for pregnant women. Prepare cuts of your favorite fruits, such as apples, bananas, oranges, or kiwis and keep them in the fridge. So when you want to snack, yummy fruits are instantly available without you having to peel or cut them. Or, you can also make tasty smoothies to savor any time. Simple!

Boiled egg
Indeed boiled eggs do not look like the usual kind of food for snacks but it contains high level of protein which is very good for pregnant women, and is easy to prepare, store and savor.

With or without milk, cereals are healthy and nutritious snacks. Just be careful not to choose cereals with added sugar.

This snack is often thought to be unhealthy. In fact, as long as you do not add excessive butter to it, popcorn is a healthy snack because it is made of corns. As a substitute for butter, you can use grated cheese sprinkled over hot popcorn.

We are not forbidding you from eating your favorite snacks like cakes or chocolates. You can certainly enjoy them every now and then. But you should also remember that food consumed by pregnant women may affect the fetus. Excessive intake of fat and sugar during pregnancy can harm your fetus. Besides, immoderate snacking can also make you not want to consume nutritious healthy food that you really need. So, let's have a healthy snack!