What does Hypo-Allergenic Means

We often find the phrase hypo-­allergenic on baby products, but do you know what it means? Hypo-­allergenic means "minimizing the occurrence of allergies". When a baby-care product has a hypo-­allergenic label, it means the product is made of minimal contents that may cause allergic reactions.

Hypo-­allergenic does not mean 100% free from the risk of allergy, but the reactions to certain content on the baby's very sensitive skin are limited to a minimum level. For daily baby skin care, it is recommended to use a product that has been tested hypo-allergenic. As a newborn's skin is very sensitive, it requires maximum care and the right use of products according to the needs. To ensure mildness, all Zwitsal products have been tested hypo-­allergenic and thus safe to use on a baby's skin since birth.