Clean From Hair To Toe

Provide baby care regularly. Keep your baby's entire body clean, from the hair to the tips of his/her toes, in safe and practical ways.

Bathing is a fun time for the little one. Look at how happy he/she is when playing with water and blowing the soap foam. To clean and care for your baby's hair and soft, sensitive skin, use a practical and safe 2-in-1 product enriched with natural ingredients which has been tested as hypo-allergenic.

Make sure you test the baby care products for safety by trying it on yourself first. The following are some product testing tips to protect your baby's skin from irritation.

• Apply a small amount of the product on the thin part of your skin, such as the inner upper arm or at the back of your ear.

• Cover with a water-resistant plaster for 12-24 hours, and check whether your skin turns reddish or gets irritated. If an irritation occurs, the product is not safe for your
baby's skin.

For baby skin care, use Zwitsal products. Zwitsal baby products have been trusted for over 30 years and are safe for your baby's skin. The hypo-allergenic tested Zwitsal Natural Baby Bath 2-in-1 Hair & Body is a baby liquid soap that can also be used as shampoo as it has a pH-balanced Formula and natural ingredients of Aloe Vera and Pro Vitamin B5 that can effectively clean, soften, and provide nutrition to your baby's hair and skin.