Health Massage to Treat Common Cold

The first five years is when a baby likes to explore various new things. Unfortunately, the immune system of a baby under five has not yet function optimally, making him/her prone to illnesses. So it is understandable that the common cold seems to be your baby's regular illness. When your baby has the common cold, you do not need to rush him/her to the pediatrician or hastily give him/her a medicine. This is actually an opportunity for your baby's body to strengthen his/her immune system. So, what is the best way to treat your baby's common cold?

Touch therapy can be your weapon to fight your child's common cold. The touches your baby receives can tone down the stress hormone to help boost his/her immune system. Besides, touches on the skin may also stimulate the growth hormone and serotonin that makes your baby feel more comfortable. Touch therapy may also be given in the form of health massage to babies under five who is having the common cold.

To treat the common cold, give a health massage on the neck, back, and chest. A health massage on the chest helps respiratory muscles to be more relaxed, relieving the cough symptoms. To do that, massage your baby's chest gently with a heart shape movement. This 'I Love U' massage heals colic and may also treat the common cold. You can learn the 'I Love U' massage on this page.

For touch therapy to be more effective in treating the common cold, you can use aromatic oil because its vapor can clean mucus from your baby's respiratory tract when inhaled. The oil's warmth also helps improve his/her blood circulation.

Remember that touch therapy and health massage are only effective when your baby is still at the initial level of the illness or if the illness is not too severe, for instance when your baby is suffering from the common cold without fever. If the common cold do not get better, it is advisable that you consult a pediatrician to find out the cause of the little one's illness and get the proper treatment. But, as one of the first measures against the baby's common cold, the effectiveness of touch therapy and health massage has been sufficiently recognized.