Mother's Important Role In Shaping Baby's Eating Habits

Multivitamins are not too important in overcoming eating disorders for babies under five years old. The most important factor is the mother's role in taking care of her little one's eating habits, ensuring it is proper, and balanced with nutrition and vitamins.

In general, eating disorders occur to children aged 1 to 5 years old. And, around 30% of the world's babies under five have eating disorders. When such condition happens to your baby, obviously you will be worried and concerned, your worries will intensify if your little one's weight does not build up or even drops. Surely, you take various measures to make your baby eat. At this point, mothers will begin to seek various kinds of vitamins to help their child eat more to make up for their nutritional requirements.
This is where a mother undergoes a test of knowledge of vitamins for her baby. You must be very careful in choosing which multivitamins to give to your child. Multivitamins do help babies with eating disorders or picky eating habits, but the sources of vitamins and mineral they actually need are food, fruits, and vegetables. Unfortunately, most babies do not like vegetables and fruits, so multivitamins come in quite handy.

You should seek the right and as many as possible information on appetite-stimulating vitamins which you will give to your child, because pediatricians will not carelessly prescribe vitamins for babies. Pediatricians will only prescribe vitamins if your baby is sick or has just recovered from an illness, as at such times their eating habits will be disrupted or their weight decreases. This is because certain vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, and K that do not dilute in water may accumulate in the body and in an excessive amount will cause side effects, for example an excessive amount of vitamin A will cause headache and that of vitamin C will build kidney stones and induce irritation on the stomach.

Vitamins should only be nutritional supplements for babies instead of appetite stimulants. Remember, that when your baby is lean, it does not mean they are lacking in vitamins. It may either be hereditary or their bodies are continuously burning fat because of their very active movements. Make sure you have properly tried coaxing your baby into eating before providing various kinds of multivitamins. The mother's role is very significant: have you been creative enough in processing food to make your child more interested? Or have you given an example of healthy eating habits to them? So, the most important factor to good eating habits in babies is the mother's role. And when your baby already has a balanced vitamin intake, multivitamins should no longer be necessary.