Playing While Bathing

Playing with your baby is fun. Aside from building an emotional closeness, it can also help develop the baby's physical, cognitive, and motor abilities. Playing can be done in the little one's different activities, such as while bathing.

According to research, playing is one of the ways to develop a baby's intelligence. Child development experts even say there is a strong connection between playing and the skill development of babies under five.

Playing can be carried out anytime the baby wants, such as during bath time and hair wash. To make it more fun, you can sing as well. Do it 2-3 times a week with a tear-free, non-irritating baby shampoo because babies' scalp is very sensitive and thinner compared to adults'. Here are some tips for washing your baby's hair:

• Prepare baby shampoo, a washcloth, and other bathing equipment next to the bath tub.
• Make sure the room and water are warm enough.
• Wet the baby's head from the front to the back. Pour some shampoo to the washcloth and squeeze the washcloth to make it foamy. Wipe it gently on the head and give a soft massage.
• Rinse the baby's hair and scalp. Try to keep water away from the baby's face because although it may not cause tears, the splashes can make the baby uncomfortable.
• Using a soft towel, dry the baby's head. Apply baby hair lotion to make the hair smell good and grow naturally dense.