Initial Necessities For Baby Care

In the first week of the baby's presence, parents need to pay attention to the list of newborn necessities to be prepared:

Baby Oil
Beneficial for cleaning and moisturizing the newborn's skin such as on the skin folds, navel, and ears. Aside from baby oil, moisturizing the skin can be done using baby lotion & baby cream.

Baby Shampoo
A newborn's hair can be washed daily. Baby shampoo is very mild and suitable for newborns. It does not irritate the eyes and is easy to rinse. Now, there are products of Baby Shampoo which contains Aloe Vera, Candlenut, and Celery to help baby's hair growth.

Baby Bath
Use mild baby soap for your little one's body skin. You may substitute baby shampoo and baby soap with Baby Bath 2-in-1 that can be used to clean the body and hair wash in a more convenient and practical way.

Baby Wipes
Soft and easy to clean your baby's bottom and other body parts. Keep away from the mouth area to prevent these wipes from being bitten or getting into your baby's mouth.