Relaxation Tips During Pregnancy

Tips from Zwitsal

• Enjoy alone time! Exercise during pregnancy is good for you and for the baby in your womb: the little one is receiving sufficient food from your smooth and regulated blood circulation. Go for a walk in the open air as much as possible. Swimming is a good exercise. Avoid type of exercises that causes vigorous shakes to your body, like running/jogging or horse riding.

• Pay attention to your posture. Walking or standing with your back bending forward will cause back pain. Do not wear high-heels, stretch your knees too frequently, and do not make sudden movements during pregnancy.

• Take part in pregnancy exercises, such as yoga and swimming. These exercises are good and will make you feel comfortable. You can learn to be relaxed and make the preparations prior to labor calmly.

• Relax and have a nap. A good sleeping position is lying on your side with the knee of your upper leg bent. Put a pillow to support your belly and your bent knee.

• Spoil yourself, eat out or pay a visit to the salon/spa. If going on a vacation: you can travel by plane for up to 7 months into pregnancy. Give yourself a little bit luxury and enjoy your pregnancy!