Things For Mother To Prepare Prior To Labour

Many soon-to-be mothers who will soon undergo labor do not know what to bring and prepare when the day comes. Knowing that every maternity hospital usually provides different facilities, it is better for us to prepare for any condition.

For mother:
1. A piece of clothes with front buttons and another to wear upon discharge
2. Cosmetics and bathing kit you usually bring on the go
3. Nursing bra and undergarment
4. Your favorite snacks
5. Umbilical belt
6. Breast pad
7. Large-size sanitary napkins
8. Cellphone along with the charger

For the baby:
1. A couple of clothes for a newborn, mittens, and socks
2. Diapers
3. Zwitsal baby oil
4. Swaddling clothes and blanket
5. Small size milk bottle
6. Baby wipes
7. Baby kit bag

For father:
1. All documents related to the administration at the hospital
2. Change of clothes and bathing kit
3. Watch to monitor the contraction period
4. Cellphone along with the charger
5. Camera (to capture important moments)
6. Reading books and snacks

Do not be shy to ask friends who have gone to the same place for labor. Sometimes they can provide you with the right information.

Do not forget to ask your mother or mother-in-law as they often have some wise advice for you. The most important thing is your mental and physical preparation. Make sure that you are not tired before labor. And remember, do not panic and stay calm!