What Can Pregnant Mothers Eat?

During pregnancy, you should pay more attention to the food you consume on a daily basis. Although you are pregnant, it does not mean you need to eat 2 portions at once. Be careful of excessive weight increase. You should eat normal serving of food and choose quality menu for your health and your baby. It is recommended to consume:

Ocean fish contains high level of Omega 3 that is good for your baby's brain development. However, if you are not sure of the fish's quality due to the possibility of ocean contamination, try substituting it with fresh water fish. The need for Omega 3 can be fulfilled with physician-recommended supplements.

Choose the ones fortified with Omega 3.

Choose the brightly colored vegetables, if necessary choose the organic ones.

Choose fresh and good quality meat. Limit your consumption of guts, such as lungs, tripes, and intestines because they contain high level of cholesterol.

Choose fresh and colored fruits because they contain more vitamins. Wash the peels with a special soap for fruits and vegetables to get rid of the wax.

Carbohydrate sources
Red rice is better than the white variety because it is richer in fiber, 2-3 times more vitamins and minerals (among them is Vitamin B), and a higher content of iron. For bread, choose the ones made of whole wheat instead of white flour for richer fiber.

Cooking oil
Choose olive oil for frying. If frying with palm oil, fry using new oil, do not reuse because it contains benzene that causes cancer.

It is recommended to avoid consuming:

Raw or medium rare food
For example: raw egg, medium rare meat, raw shells, sashimi, raw sushi, and so on. Also, avoid food processed from raw egg, such as salad dressing and fresh mayonnaise. Raw or medium rare food ingredients may be contaminated with disease-causing germs which may induce infection. For example, Listeria bacteria (causing miscarriage or fetal death), Tocsoplasm parasites (causing abnormalities on the fetus), and E. coli bacteria (damaging intestines and kidneys).