Prevention and Nursing of Stomach Bloating on Newborn

Newborns' stomach does look a bit bloated, but this is a normal condition. You do not need to worry or be confused when you find such condition because it will cease in several months.

However, you must be careful because a newborn's digestive system has yet to develop perfectly so your baby may be prone to digestive disorders such as stomach bloating. To find out if your baby's stomach is bloating or not, you can gently tap their belly. If it sounds hollow, your baby is having a bloated stomach. Stomach bloating on babies may be caused by several factors, one of them is due to the high consumption of breast milk. Newborns are not adept to feeding, when they feed too quickly, air bubbles are prone to be swallowed together with breast milk.

To overcome this problem, you need to know how to treat stomach bloating on a newborn by understanding the tips to nurse and prevent it.

To nurse it:

• After breastfeeding, make your baby burp by putting them on their stomach on your lap while stroking their back gently.
• You can also carry your baby with them facing your body, and try to position his belly on your chest.
• Lie your baby down, and then drip some baby oil on your index and middle fingers. Stroke your index and middle fingers gently on their belly while giving them a massage in a clockwise direction. Do this massage for 1 hour after breastfeeding.

To prevent it:

• Limit your consumption of acid fruits during the breastfeeding period.
• Limit your consumption of nuts, such as walnut, ground nut, cashew, hazelnut, and soybean, and their processed products.
• Limit your consumption of milk and its processed products such as ice cream, cheese, yoghurt, and butter. This is due to the lactose in milk that will generate gas when broken down.

These are some explanation on ways to nurse stomach bloating on a newborn. Hopefully you can treat your newborn stomach bloating without panicking by knowing these nursing and prevention tips.