The Safe Way to Clear Newborn's Stuffy Nose

Newborn babies must be carefully treated, especially if they are having health issues. Cold or influenza is one of the minor health problems, but it will appear to be more serious if faced by newborn babies. Stuffy nose is the initial symptom that makes it difficult for babies to breathe. This is worsened by the fact that babies cannot discharge the mucus by themselves. Of course this condition could make you panic and bewildered when you do not know how to treat stuffy nose on newborns.

There are a number of safe tips to clear babies' stuffy nose. The following advices may help you deal with calm and composure.

• You can use a special suction tool for sucking out respiratory mucus (nasal aspirator) for babies that is available at the pharmacy. Prior to use, sterilize the part that is to be inserted to the nose first. Calm your baby, insert the aspirator into his/her nose, but not too far inside. Do this gently to avoid irritation to the nose.

• To dilute the mucus and for easier discharge, you can dispense some drops of nasal saline using a pipette. After the mucus becomes diluted, help your baby to clear it out by doing the action above.

• You can also gently press or massage your baby's nose and the area around it with a soft material while cleaning the mucus using a wet cotton bud. This gentle massage can ease your baby's breathing and allows the mucus to discharge easily. 

• You can also apply a special respiratory reliever ointment for babies to help clear your child's breath. Aside from clearing breath, baby ointment also has a warming effect and the vapor can clear a stuffy nose. You can also make a simple nebulizer by dripping some cajuput oil into a bowl of hot water and put it at the corner of the room near the ventilation. The purpose is to help your baby clear his/her breath and to clean the air in the room from the flu virus.

However, if the above tips do not work in reducing your panic, please bring your baby to a pediatrician promptly. Usually a pediatrician will give a nebulizer or inhalation (vaporizing) therapy that will help dilute the mucus and make it easier to discharge. Or better, to make your baby more comfortable and to save some money, you can get your own inhalation machine to do the vaporizing process at home.